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10 Тips Оn How To Stand Out In An Overcrowded Job Market And Land Your Dream IT Job

Sofia, Bulgaria | Мау 28, 2021

by Aleksiya Kokolios

Opening a job board, filtering different positions, sending out your CV with the hope to catch a company’s interest - almost every IT specialist has felt both excitement and nervousness when starting their job application process. With the vast speed of digitization, competition for jobs in the sector is getting more and more intense and while you might have great technical skills and an amazing personality, the same will have at least several other candidates. So how can you go the extra mile and impress your recruiter? Here is a handful of advice from our team:


1. Show on time and be ready for a conversation. With punctuality being one of the most important skills in the sector, showing up on time for your interview makes a good impression. Demonstrate that you want to talk and share more about yourself, while also showing involvement with the recruitment team.


2. Show flexibility and readiness to learn. Different companies work with various technologies, so do not take it as a surprise if you do not have experience in a particular technical field. Try to demonstrate that you are willing to learn new things and ready to adapt to the new working environment.


3. Be sincere about what you share with the recruiters and how you present yourself and your experience in the sector. HR professionals also assess your body language and behavior and can always ask you to elaborate on your statements. If you are not sincere in what you say, there is a high chance that they will sense it.


4. Research the company and be ready with questions. Prepare questions that show your interest in the company you are applying for. You can refer to information that you read on the company website and ask a question related to it. This shows recruiters that they are not the only ones who spent time preparing for the meeting.


5. Overselling does not work. Do not try to overinflate your skills portfolio or technical expertise. Try not to be extra confident about yourself - instead, be calm and reasonably grounded in order to avoid looking arrogant as this is not tolerated.


6. Read and practice the technical part of the recruitment process. Start early in order to make sure you will not stumble during the interview if you are asked a question on the technical part. 


7. Don’t ask questions out of HR expertise. Asking too complicated questions concerning the technology the company at stake is implementing is not the best way to stand out as HR recruiters are not the ones that can provide you with an answer. Instead, you will only make a bad impression of trying to stand out too hard.


8. Know your limits. Showing maturity when talking about your expected financial benefits is key. Try not to enter the conversation with a fixed number in your head you want to receive at the end of every month - instead, come up with a reasonable financial range to share with your recruiters. If the offer for the position is lower than expected, take time to consider what other benefits you will get from the company before you reject it.


9. Demonstrate that you are looking for long-term employment. With the retention rate for the IT sector so high, one of the most important things recruiters seek is your desire to stay in a company. Try asking for more details about the operational process of a company, your team, and what your duties and responsibilities will be. Questions about the office atmosphere can be distinct as well and show that you are interested in fitting in the company culture.

10. Don’t panic if it did not go as smoothly as you wanted.  Recruiters know that there are excellent cadres with technical expertise and great character that simply do not perform well at interviews. In the end, try to stay calm and do your best during the meeting.

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