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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) And Why it Works?

Sofia, Bulgaria | March 24, 2021

by Aleksiya Kokolios

The last year and half was a tough one for recruiters. Trying to hire and relocate people mid-pandemic is not an easy task. We appreciate you all. It was difficult for businesses too - losing whole divisions, keeping morale high and staying relevant is also a daunting task. Kudos to you too. Businesses are now down-sizing office spaces and trying to reduce headcount. Many prefer to outsource some of the in-house operations to cut costs and focus on the core business. 

As an HR consulting partner, traditional recruitment is only a small fraction of our scope of services. Our clients are looking for easy, scalable solutions to grow their businesses. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is such a desirable model that is gaining popularity. When a company wants to outsource some or all of their recruitment operations to an external partner for a specific period of time for quality growth, they seek an RPO solution. 



The external provider (BICA Services) takes ownership of the recruitment processes and functions like an internal company resource. Imagine it as a SAAS. It gives you the agency experience and methodology that you might not be equipped with. A personalized approach with a flexible model that gives businesses an opportunity to work with an external HR professional or a whole small team of HRs on a temporary basis, each operating with a different focus.These professionals join the company’s internal teams while being fully aligned with their unique needs and values. They breathe, operate and hire as if they are a part of YOUR business. Their job is to provide expertise on how to manage your hiring processes, implement essential HR practices and tools while helping you build your own employee retention program. The model works with concrete KPIs. Businesses might not know what the priorities tasks should be, this model provides realistic metrics like:

  • Time-to-hire
  • Cost-of-hire
  • Quality-of-hire

The RPO model tracks structure systems from metrics that you can implement in your business process. The dedicated HR consultant also provides weekly proposals for process optimization. And the best part - when goals are met, this person or team walks away leaving you with an improved internal structure, eliminating the need to hire internal HRs and increase headcount.



Quality Hiring

One of main purposes of the RPO model is to deliver the best permanent hires even in the most difficult pool of talent (such as the IT one). It combines expertise with AI-powered recruitment technologies, databases and employer branding strategies for tracking, sourcing and approaching the right candidates. All of this, while also improving the employee candidate experience. 

Time Saving

The RPO provider is responsible for closing open positions in a timely manner. It is in his interest to find the right candidates for you as fast as possible in order to move along to a different position or project. The dedicated consultant steps in with expertise from day one, without you having to invest time to onboard. This allows businesses, on the other hand, to focus on other business operations and improve the quality of their own products and services. 

Cost Reduction

Minimizing reliance on third party vendors and other agencies can save you not only money but also nerves. If a critical position stays open for too long this can result in low productivity and unwanted expenses. This model is based on volume and success. Having an RPO consultant on your side, you also receive the company’s internal resource and knowledge. It’s like having a whole new team of HRs. 

Competitive Advantage 

The RPO provider optimizes your internal processes in accordance with the current market trends and needs. Knowing what currently works and what doesn’t is a huge advantage. Being up-to-date with the onboarding trends, remuneration packages and internal initiatives, can be utilized to position your company as an employer of choice. 


The RPO model helps businesses define and defend their unique value propositions. What promises do you give eg. “I am a top innovative software company” vs how you actually deliver. You can’t focus on recruitment if you don’t have the right environment or the necessary people. 

Onboarding and hiring new people is the best way to open the doors of your company to the world. Taking the time to explain the uniqueness of what it’s like to work there, even to non-qualified candidates, is a form of brand awareness. This itself creates a positive chain оf reaction in the long run.

If you are looking for a temporary recruitment solution to grow with qualified candidates and optimize your internal HR processes, look no further. Contact us and let’s get down to business.

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