Empowering Growth: Bica’s Partnership with SessionStack

Established with the goal of innovating product development, SessionStack is a Bulgarian startup founded by Alexander Zlatkov. He wanted to tackle the problems he previously faced in his role as a software engineer.

With session replay, problem notifications, troubleshooting insights, analytics, and reporting tools, SessionStack enables teams to comprehend and enhance the quality of their customer experience. Since its establishment, the company has attracted hundreds of clients, including Bazaarvoice, Sketchdeck, Infomedia, and CalPERS.

In 2022, SessionStack announced the closure of its $750K seed funding round. With the fresh capital, the startup planned to drive more sales, fuel more marketing efforts, and accelerate product development.

The Challenge

To achieve these ambitious goals, SessionStack had to extend its team and secure new hires in different business areas – engineering, marketing, and sales. Similar to the recruitment process in most startups, the company is a newcomer in the talent market and one of the first tasks was to better understand their culture and the type of new people they were looking for.

SessionStack’s employee benefits program was another area that needed improvement. Although sometimes overlooked by startups, this is a very important aspect of a company’s employer image, especially in a competitive talent market.


To streamline the recruitment process, SessionStack decided to get in touch with Bica. The two companies have collaborated in the past, as Bica helped the startup secure two non-technical hires. In 2022, Bica partnered with SessionStack to support the company’s efforts in expanding its team.

Bica provided an analysis of the market and strategic consultancy on the priority jobs needed to expand SessionStack’s team. Stela Stoyanova, an expert from Bica, also joined SessionStack’s team for several months as a dedicated Recruitment Consultant. During this period, she managed to understand the company culture and gain knowledge of the product developed by SessionStack.

The outcome

Throughout the collaboration, Bica doubled SessionStack’s team. In this period Stela helped to establish and develop the startup’s employer brand through different activities.

To showcase SessionStack’s team technical expertise, she helped the company organize a special event with a focus on developers. During the meetup, SessionStack’s VP of Engineering shined a light on the technologies the company uses. Another important aspect was showcasing the startup’s product and how it helps product managers in the global market. Stela provided a calendar with relevant events where SessionStack can position its brand and gain visibility among the developer community.

“As a dedicated consultant to SessionStack, I helped the company to showcase its company culture. We produced articles with more information about each team member. This will allow potential candidates to understand better what it is like to be part of the team,” Stela shares.

During the RPO, Bica helped with establishing an employee benefits program from scratch. It compiled some of the most wanted benefits from the engineers and custom ones that fit SessionStack’s culture of inclusivity. The highlight of the program is the summer office. Being united and close to each other is a foundation of SessionStack’s culture, so the company dedicated some time in the summer to “days at the beach”. During this period, the team gathers to spend time with each other, combining work with fun activities on the seaside.

Taking care of everyone’s well-being is a priority for SessionStack. The company developed a special program in its benefits system that fully covers the first 5 days of all team members’ sick leaves. “We ensure additional holidays for team members, additional health insurance, so nobody has to worry about their healthcare, and we encourage people to get a day off when they’re sick, and we fully cover the days of employee’s sick leave,” Alexander Zlatkov, CEO of SessionStack, shared previously with us.

Future plans

SessionStack’s plans include continued expansion of the team and remaining a friendly and inclusive company culture. They often get in touch with Bica for a consultation on different HR and recruitment activities the startup is planning. SessionStack’s goal is to build a team to develop one of the top 3 Digital Experience Insights platforms globally.


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