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Teo: The Story of Оur First Intern

Sofia | Jan. 20, 2021

by Aleksiya Kokolios

A few months ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when the sun was shining and malls were open, we were also in a hiring mood. Yes, you read correctly - mood. Our team needed a fresh Recruitment addition but we didn’t want to use traditional methods. In order to attract the right junior talent, we decided to create an internship program, called BICA Camp. We knew that a lot of fresh graduates have had their immediate post-college plans ruined by the pandemic and the subsequent crisis in a variety of ways - freezing hiring processes and laying off staff. 

Our goal was to encourage and navigate our future interns to jump start their careers in IT Recruitment. We were looking for creative and bold individuals who are not afraid to dive deep into the HR world. And we found him. Among more than a 100 applications his skills and personality stood out. Here’s Teodor’s story. 

1. Hi, Teo. Could you describe yourself with a few words? 

I’m a marketing student who decided to bravely enter the women’s kingdom of recruitment and develop myself by making a match out of our fine Bulgarian developers and the best tech workplaces in the country. Besides that I think thanks to quarantine I’ve become a great cook and a very bad tennis player :)

2. What were your expectations when you applied to our internship program?

I didn’t know what to expect in 2020 of all years, but I was looking for something fresh and unique. In hoping to find an escape from the overly corporate environment I was used to, BICA stood out as exactly the opposite - a place where your input was appreciated and the structure was simplified and optimized.

3. What were your first impressions from the team and overall job? 

My very first thoughts were that BICA has such a grounded, friendly and motivating atmosphere. People here are much closer to my age so fitting in isn’t as hard.

Even before getting to really know everybody, I could tell in my first weeks that my colleagues are knowledgeable and professional, yet they’re also really fun. Spending time in the kitchen during lunch break is way better than in most offices.

4. You had a mentor guiding you through the journey. How was that for you?

For somebody with extremely limited prior experience, colleagues who are willing to help you grow and learn at any time is a major part of what has made BICA CAMP so great. What’s more - having a mentor guide you through your entry into IT recruitment from 0 to 100 is amazing and I am very grateful. Just seeing her in action and following her thought process has been my main driver. To be able to count on her support when I continue to make my way into deeper water is so valuable.

5. You recently got promoted to a Junior Recruitment consultant. Congrats! How do you feel today about your chosen path? 

It just dawned on me a few days ago that 5 months had gone by - it feels like a breeze and I’ve learned so much during my time in BICA so far. Listening to developers talk doesn’t sound like Mandarin anymore and I can even participate in tech discussions in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined before I started here. It has definitely been first and foremost a learning experience for me.

6. What can you say to future Junior Candidates stepping into the HR world?

Best advice I can give is that you’re gonna have to learn to put yourself out there, be diplomatic, and put your typing skills to the test, because a lot of the time - a single message can change somebody’s professional life in a very big way, while also potentially affecting the company that hires them substantially and reshaping their team environment and culture. Knowing the market and knowing how, when and where to strike when finding the right candidate is not something that comes from day 1, nor can it be perfected at month 5.

Guess what? We’re in a hiring mood again! BICA Services is looking for junior talents with little to no prior experience. Check out our offer HERE and apply!

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