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How Losing Your Job Helps You Find the Right One

| Oct. 28, 2020

by Aleksiya Kokolios

We, at BICA Services, have always strived to help our clients in every way possible. Our main business revolves around recruiting and building teams. 

However, 2020 came with a lot of new adjustments as the pandemic swept across the globe, and luckily has given us the opportunity to develop yet another service of ours - outplacement.

What is an outplacement, you ask? It is any service that assists a departing employee with obtaining a new job or transitioning to a new career. It is usually offered as an employee benefit for the staff. In other words, it’s like having a buddy that helps you get back on track when you’re going through rough times. This way, the employer builds a relationship that also guarantees a peaceful transition even when parting ways. This is what our client did. 


Over the Summer, an international media telecommunication company reached out to us. They found themselves in a pretty common situation nowadays. The pandemic hit them hard and difficult decisions needed to be made. Our client was forced to cut 40% of their workforce and consequently shut down their Bulgarian office. However, they turned to BICA, as a long-term HR partner to step in and alleviate the circumstances. The company couldn’t employ their staff anymore, yet they didn’t want to abandon their workers mid-pandemic and wanted to support them in finding relevant employment.

A dedicated team of HR Consultants started working one-on-one with each company employee. The situation required immediate reaction so we squeezed what usually is a 1-3 month process into a couple of long sessions.

The goal of the outplacement services is for each person to find the job they want, not the job that the market is offering at the moment.

We, at BICA, feel our social responsibility to the ecosystem, to which we contribute on a daily basis. After all, our team had placed most of the people in the company. And now we were helping them again - it’s the circle of [employment] life. 

Our consultants guided them through a few simple but crucial steps: 

  • Evaluate 

The first step is to understand the long-term career plans of each person. We talk about their professional aspirations - where you are now and where you want to be. Our goal is not to find a new job but to mobilize and guide each person through their own research of opportunities. 

  • Apply

Once we have the market insights, our goal is to get the message out there. This step is all about proactiveness - LinkedIn profile, CV optimization, contacting people, referrals, custom marketing plan and everything that can make sure you’re in the I’m-looking-for-this-particular-job-kind of-place. We organized an internal workshop with our key account manager from LinkedIn, which was a huge success.

  • Manage

By now, we should already have results - interviews, invites and etc.. We manage our trainee’s achievements and prepare them for what’s coming next.


Viktoria knew what she wanted to be, yet she was somewhat unsure as to how to get here. She wanted to make a shift from being a QA specialist to becoming a Scrum Master. 

    "It was very easy working with Victoria. She already had a lot of ideas that we used as a stepping stone. We primarily worked on dressing her skills set into the right words and getting her message out there," shares Iliana, Recruitment Consultant.

By the second session Viktoria had already signed up for online courses. By the third, she found a new job that would ultimately bring her to a career switch in half a year.

This is what she shared a couple of weeks later:

    "The process of finding a new job wouldn't have been so fast and smooth if it wasn’t for Iliana’s guidance and support!"


All of the laid off employees found work within a few weeks. They were happy. We were too.

Outplacement services not only contribute to the company’s image and reputation that are at stake but also creates a stress-free environment that can improve retention and productivity of the non-affected staff. It’s easy to panic, especially in these days of uncertainty. When you know somebody’s got your back, however, the glass suddenly looks a little fuller.

Iliana and Viki’s relationship had grown into a friendship - they cheer on and celebrate each other’s personal achievements. It all comes down to building relationships and taking care of our clients and candidates. So, we try to be there every step of the way.

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