Scala Developer

Sofia, Bulgaria

Full time

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Job description

A stellar opportunity to have massive impact: join the rapidly growing team at a
company continually redefining how people travel. As Software Engineer, you will
be responsible for implementing many of the innovative features we’ll be working
on, whether collaborating with our outstanding design and product team or
helping our data science group work on the
bleeding-edge to personalize travel for our ever expanding population of members.

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Key requirements

In this role, you will:

● Build innovative consumer experiences, specializing on our microservice or
mobile development platforms
● Ship your first code in days, iterating on features
● Develop best-in-breed solutions to complex problems
● Collaborate with a diverse groups, getting great feedback for career growth
● Work on big opportunities, helping Hopper rise to the top of the travel industry

A perfect candidate has:

● Designed and written beautiful code: simple, testable, efficient and maintainable
● Learned new languages, technologies & frameworks from one project to the next
● Collaborated with others to solve tough technical and product problems


● Write beautiful Scala/Java code: well designed, testable, efficient and
● Work with middle-tier APIs, processing pipelines (Kafka, Storm, Spark) & web
services (Finagle)
● Work to integrate and normalize connectivity to external partner APIs
using a variety of technologies, including XML, XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, HTTP,
TLS, JSON, Thrift and Protobuf
● Design and implement new services to handle new functionality related to
hotels, airlines, scaling Hopper business internationally
● Work on a system from design through to deployment and operations
● Development Operations (DevOps) for all of the above, using Mesos,
Marathon and Ansible

A solid and varied background in Software Engineering. Experience in these areas
is a big plus:

● Working with a functional language like Scala/Java
● Integrating with Travel Industry APIs, especially Booking Engines, Airline and
Hotel related systems
● Working with transactional systems and finite state machines
● Implementing RESTful APIs
● Building distributed systems
● Work with Mesos, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, HBase, OpenTSDB, Prometheus,
● Shipping in Linux environment, familiar with server administration and tools
● Contributing to open source projects

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Other details:

Location: Sofia

Employment: Full time