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| June 17, 2020

In times of a global crisis, many businesses remain uncertain about their future. We now find ourselves re-adjusting to the “new normal.” Some offices are starting to fill with employees - temperatures are rising, traffic is growing. 

The day-to-day operations at BICA Services are on full speed as well. Our days are busier and the business continuously grows even in this situation - our team recently grew with two new members! Therefore, we are ready to take a step further. 

BICA Services is launching its first-ever internship program - BICA Camp. We acknowledge that a lot of fresh graduates have had their immediate post-college plans ruined by the pandemic and the subsequent crisis in a variety of ways - freezing hiring processes and laying off staff. Some students will be denied the opportunity to participate in the Work and Travel program and thereforŠµ face challenges planning internships. 


Our goal is to encourage and navigate our future interns to jump start their careers, by creating an environment where they will have a chance to experience our business from multiple perspectives. What is the value of our business, you ask? It’s simple - changing people’s career paths. We link top talent with tech startups and big corporations, therefore having a direct impact on their businesses. You can think of us as the accelerator of businesses. Our interns will have a chance to consult candidates on their career choices and clients on their business decisions. Part of the daily tasks will include creating catchy job ads, building custom HR marketing campaigns, active participation in the screening, interviewing, assessing processes and managing a pipeline of candidates. The interns will also deep dive into research - the existing pool of tech talent, available technologies and even compensation and benefits trends. And that’s just a tiny part of our master plan. The motto of the program is Learn, Grow, Achieve. 

    “When I started working at BICA Services, I had little to no experience. But I learned that here you are free to create opportunities for yourself. From the beginning till now I’ve grown on many professional and personal levels. Assuming that this is the career you want to pursue then BICA is the place to prepare, have fun and grow,” shares Bilyana Hristovska, Recruitment consultant.

BICA Camp is an opportunity for students to start their career path in IT recruitment. The market is continuously growing, as IT positions become more desired than ever before. That’s why we are looking for smart, creative individuals who have not developed a taste for the corporate but for the entrepreneurial environment. Like us. Our people are self-starters and team players who are bursting with potential.


The application format will be carried out in the following steps: we will select the most attractive applications (CV’s, motivational letters, personal text narratives or even videos). Second, a quick interview over the phone. Last but definitely not least, all shortlisted applicants will be invited to the last challenge - an assessment center. This will be a full day of workshops. It will consist of individual tasks, group activities and face-to-face interviews. At the end, we will hire the applicants that stand out the most for a 3-month paid internship with an opportunity for a full-time position.


The idea of BICA Camp is for the newcomers to adapt to our fast-paced environment and achieve an autonomous workflow. All that, through a fun and interactive approach! Building a nourishing environment and learning in creative ways will ultimately result in improved strategic and leadership skills of each participant. We believe in open communication. That is why we encourage everyone to have a voice and opinion. 

Sounds cool? Good.

If you feel like our offer is a perfect fit for you or someone you know, give us a buzz!


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