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The vast spectrum of solutions is every time tailor made to match your business proportions and demands, but generally it includes:




temporary staffing

Working understanding of labor market dynamics, combined with large network of connections and digital recruitment procedures, allows us to produce relevant and stable solution to any Client’s workforce needs. Focused on Technical, Engineering and Administrative roles from Junior to Executive levels we provide impressive hiring results in an efficient time frame, matching clients and candidates with precision.

Meet in a short period of time any upcoming projects, increase productivity, keep up with deadlines and reduce workforce during slow periods with this on-demand staffing option. Hiring individuals on a temporary basis with a “temp-to-permanent” option gives flexibility and reduces risks of making a bad hire.


contractors management

Outsourcing model.

outsourcing & BOT model

More than 10 years of experience in providing solutions that reduce labor costs and eliminate the burdens of payment, administration and compliance processing for companies using independent contractors. As of today, we can provide contractors management services in more than 100 countries worldwide including France, Belgium, England, United Stated of America, Australia etc.

Our Build-Operate-Transfer engagement model helps our clients grow their product without having to invest a lot of resources in launching a project, recruiting a team, or setting up new entity overseas. Having the project understanding we take in charge of all of the management and recruitment aspects, providing local compliance and support, keeping you aligned with the whole process and related costs since the start date. Once the model is complete, stable and working, ownership of the team can be easily transferred with all conditions and terms fully transparent.





We will take care about all administrative processes, local compliance matters and details related to both of your permanent and temporary staff including: hiring, employment registrations, state authorities’ relationships, timesheets and data reports preparation etc.

Areas that we will handle for you and you will no longer have to worry about: calculation of salaries and preparation of pay slips; preparation of orders for the payment of wages and contributions; preparation of forms for the social security and health insurance authorities and tax offices.





Our recruitment and relocation solutions for both EU and non-EU citizens include assistance for applying and obtaining work permits, visas, local registration certificates, self-employment services etc.

Having individuals who are exiting your business? We will coach your former employees transition to new jobs and help them re-orient themselves in the job market keeping your reputation on a high level.

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