BICA People | Georgi Bebov on growth, happiness and personal journey

He is fun. He is smart. He is the one you can always reach out to. We sat down to have a trip down memory lane and as one of the most senior people in BICA, he shared details about his development, how people grow and what makes him happy.

Let’s talk about your journey! When and how did you end up in BICA?

I joined the company back in 2017. I had just left my previous job and wanted to enjoy some downtime. It’s funny to mention that my first day there was Kiril’s last, our current Operations Manager at BICA. Kiril Kaykov co-founded BICA together with Andrey Bachvarov and Momchil Ivanov and I happened to be one of their first hires.

My focus was IT recruitment and building IT teams from scratch. I’ve worked with almost every client we’ve ever had, on all kinds of technical and non-technical roles. I climbed up the ladder pretty quickly for less than a year. Proud to say that I’m now onboarding my own internal team and it includes some of our utmost people.

What does a Recruitment Consultant actually do?

You can see recruitment positions in all kinds of shapes and forms on LinkedIn — .. There is a key difference with consultants. It’s not just about staffing. We evaluate what each of our clients brings to the table, analyze their processes and do our best to optimize them. Not in an automatic way but through a personalized approach. Our work is cyclical and success is often “delayed”. Success is not achieved until the candidate starts their new job and ends up happy about it. Success is not achieved until the client sees the candidate as a great fit from which the whole team and company can benefit from.

Tell me, what is the most exciting part of your job?

The diversity. Currently, I work with numerous clients and manage the communication with the different departments. Over the years we’ve successfully managed to help companies like VMware, Leanplum & Uber grow their teams. I get to communicate with corporations and startups at the same time. That being said, our clients’ nationalities vary, which further broadened my horizons and helped style my approach. I also communicate with a lot of candidates on a daily basis, so you can say that I’ve mastered the mix and match process. When juggling with many different parties, time management is crucial.

What are some things you’ve accomplished at BICA that you’re the proudest of?

It’s simple — the fact that I’ve helped a lot of businesses and people find their way. I am proud that my candidates found their dream job and 4–5 years down the road, you can still find them there. We do change destinies around here. People spend ⅓ of their lives working.  When you change jobs, you also change your environment, your team a.k.a. the people you spend most of your day with, the commute to work, the places you have lunch at — every piece of the puzzle plays an important role. It’s hard to meet all these requirements — our job is to match people with a better employment opportunity, which in its way will help them improve their life.

What makes BICA what it is as a company in your opinion?

The people. It’s all about people and culture. Companies differ in terms of LTD and LLC. It’s not about the location, the product they are offering or the industry — it all comes down to the people in the team and how they grow. And I’ve seen quite a few going from 0 to 100 really fast. When there is a supportive environment, growth comes naturally.

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