Skills developers should learn in 2022

Nowadays, many developers think that knowing a programming language and frameworks is enough to compete in the labor market and satisfy the needs of the client. However this is not always the case. Developers also need to be aware of the latest trends in technology and demands of the market in order to apply your knowledge in accordance with them.

In this blog article, with the help of the international IT academy Brainster, we take a look at some of the most valuable skills developers need to learn in 2022.

Learning new technologies ​​and frameworks can help developers stay relevant in this industry. Programmers in 2022 will need to be smart generalists, and this is something we are already witnessing in the industry.

According to Brainster’s CTO and master of software engineering Ivica Pesovski, programmers working with blockchain technologies, particularly crypto currencies, are perhaps the best example.

They not only need to understand the complete technical background of the topic, but programmers also needed to educate themselves in the field of finance and many of them became financial experts so that they could do their job at a top-notch level, Pesovski explains.

The world of crypto and blockchain is only one example; programmers are held to the same standards in almost every field they work in.

Software development is a complex area. During their careers, developers will face many different challenges and changes. However, solving them effectively can be done if one learns how to think like a developer.

According to Pesovski, apart from possessing domain expertise, programmers are now required to be competent project managers, be able to deal with many design-related tools, understand business demands, be technical writers, be strong leaders and to know how to transfer their knowledge.

This implies programmers will need to master a variety of new tools, such as Figma, Jira or Miro, as well as tools for analyzing and visualizing data.

Then they will need to acquire a lot of new skills such as writing, leadership, and mentoring. Finally they will need to learn a lot of new processes like agile development, scrum, devops, testing and cloud computing, among others.

Practice makes perfect, and professionals should practice programming, even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. This can help them learn the best development practices, as well as develop their skills, stay in top shape and learn new technologies.

Programming and computer science worlds have changed in the past few years and are expected to experience even bigger changes in the upcoming years, Pesovski adds.

If programmers were expected to be specialists in a certain area ten years ago, whether it was web development, mobile development, embedded systems, or something else, the demand for such people has substantially decreased today.

It takes time to go from the initial idea for a feature/product/fix to getting it to market. Therefore, one needs to be able to think ahead and make sure everything fits together correctly during this whole process.

This includes planning with your team members, asking users what they want, discussing their requirements with stakeholders, and so on.

With this in mind, developers should not start programming without thinking about how the whole working process will eventually unfold and what will be its direction.

While a developer doesn’t have to become an expert on all platforms, he should at least know how they work and what are their pros and cons. Also, knowing how different development environments work can save time when switching between them.

For example, developing an Android app on Windows or Mac will force developers to change their workflow as the process is very different from using Linux or Ubuntu. Therefore, developers should study these platforms and know how to apply them in their projects.

Additionally, developers also need to keep up with the hottest trends in mobile and web app development.

While it may sound like a cliché, becoming a better version of yourself is good advice for anyone working in the field of computer science, Pesovski argues. The demand for “highly skilled monkeys,” as programmers used to call themselves a few years ago, is no longer there.

Today’s world requires programmers that understand business, know design, have domain expertise, and are nonetheless quite adept in their programming language of choice. Therefore, developers in 2022 need to focus on becoming more capable themselves, rather than rely on technology, Pesovski emphasizes.

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