4 Key Trends That Are Transforming the HR Industry

In the hot summer days, when some are on vacation and others are planning theirs, we’re happy to bring you back to May. We were part of one of the biggest conferences in the HR industry — UNLEASHGeorgi Bebov, Manager, People & HR Delivery Operations at BICA, shared some key insights from the event, and what’s happening in the HR world. During the event speakers and presenters share key takeaways from different business areas, and how they see the future of HR. All of them had 4 words in common in their presentations: purpose, people, process, and retention.

This segment covers the core values of the company and how suitable a candidate and an employer are for each other. To deliver the main purpose, HR managers and C-level executives take their time to explain to all potential employees, and current ones, what a company stands for, how an organization helps toward building a more sustainable society, and how it’s transforming a business vertical.

Keeping current and future employees aligned with the company culture is an ongoing process that never stops. During the conference, most employers explained that they conduct surveys, which help HR or Culture managers learn what employees are happy with and how the company follows its mission.

“Some speakers highlighted that C-level executives conduct surveys among employees to decide strategic questions. By using this feedback, those in charge are sure that they are making the right steps,” Georgi shares.

A common belief is that in the next few decades robots will take over different industries and that will lead to a lot of people losing their jobs. UNLEASH speakers explained that it’s actually not the case and implementation of automation, AI & ML initiatives actually take care of boring and tedious tasks for employees. With these innovations stepping into place, working people can spend their time on developing personally and professionally, or doing more interesting tasks.

“Process delivers data, journey delivers feeling”

is another statement made during the conference. And Georgi believes that it is one of the most valuable things for anyone involved in the HR industry. This has happened because a lot of tools deliver automated communication with candidates and potential employees. However, the ones that apply for an open position want to be heard, and recruiters and HRs to understand what they want, and how they see their career in the future.

Attracting talent is a top priority for any company. And some of the speakers at the UNLEASH shared some examples of how they manage to find the right candidates. A step taken by some big corporations is creating awareness amongst university students. By organizing open lectures or meet-ups and sharing insights from an industry benefits both sides. Students get valuable experience and knowledge, and companies build a positive image amongst young talent.

With HR professionals having to take care of more and more tasks, companies are trying to implement different tools for automation of administrative processes. With more and more data being collected, professionals need solutions that will help them deliver results faster and be more efficient.

“We participated in a few exhibitions and tested different tools at the conference. What I noticed is that there isn’t a universal solution, which can help professionals in the industry. Tools are often focused on solving a single problem and I expect to see some merges on the market to deliver an end-to-end solution,” Georgi sums up.

Another thing that stood out to him was a lot of HR companies have a dedicated IT department, which aims to support adapting the tools and making them unleash the full potential of every solution.

UNLEASH, Las Vegas 2022

Finding top talent is key, but retaining it is even more important, is what most UNLEASH participants agree on. The main focus is on developing practices that make people happy with their current employer. Most companies are offering policies, which allow better work-life balance for employees and more freedom to do what makes them happy.

Actually Georgi transforms the saying a little and points out that “it’s life-work balance” these days. This transition happened with the onset of the pandemic and has shown the importance of keeping a good balance between personal life and work. Having the opportunity to do tasks remotely and enjoy whatever you’re passionate about is what redefined the model.

As these factors play more important roles, most UNLEASH attendees have shared that they are working toward building strategies to help retain talent.

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