How Bica Supported Anthill in Developing Successful Collaborative Recruitment Strategies

Forming a successful partnership between two companies is often tricky as it requires a well-coordinated and multifaceted approach. Now, imagine the task the Bica team had to overcome in its collaboration with two other companies – Anthill, a company on a mission to assist Western companies in establishing R&D teams in Bulgaria, and Allane Mobility Group.

This case study aims to unravel the intricacies of this collaboration, with a particular focus on the role of RPO consultant from Bica who joined Anthill for a set period of time and facilitated the seamless integration of strategies and goals, steering the partnership towards a path of sustained growth and success.


The recruitment consultant joined Anthill in a period that marked a significant transformation for the company, characterized by a rebranding process that sought to redefine its identity and messaging in the market.

At this pivotal juncture, the recruitment consultant joined the Anthill team in the capacity of an RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The consultant’s role was not just confined to recruitment; it extended to being an ambassador of the brand’s new identity, ensuring that the transition was smooth and the new brand message resonated well with the existing and potential clients.

During the RPO consultant’s tenure, Anthill went through a period of growth and consolidation, securing contracts with two major clients. Initially, the RPO consultant adopted a supportive role, assisting her colleagues in the recruitment of talent, and showcasing her ability to adapt and contribute effectively in varying capacities – with recruitment, talent sourcing, employee onboarding and establishing employer brand. As the year unfolded, she transitioned into a more prominent role, leading the development of a comprehensive recruitment strategy for both Anthill and Allane Mobility Group. One of the main responsibilities was developing strategies that align with the needs and goals of the company.

Setting strategic goals

In the initial stages, Bica was actively involved in establishing a cohesive hiring process. The approach was characterized by a deep understanding of the strategic objectives of all parties involved, fostering a collaborative environment where goals were clearly defined and aligned. To achieve the strategic goals and create a culture of collaboration, Bica actively participated in meetings to coordinate the efforts of the three parties in the collaboration.

The primary ambition of this collaboration was to build a core tech team in Bulgaria, a unit that would serve as the backbone of Allane’s local operations. It was focused on key positions such as Senior Full Stack Developers, Senior Scrum Masters, and QA Specialists. This goal was not just about numbers; it was about building a team that embodied the right mix of skills, expertise, and cultural fit, setting a solid foundation for future growth and success in the region.

Navigating the Bulgarian IT Landscape

As the collaboration progressed, one of the team’s responsibilities was to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Bulgarian IT market’s nuances among the stakeholders. During the entire process, the recruitment consultant organized weekly gatherings to exchange knowledge on the local market with the international partner. By bringing together a diverse group of professionals, including Anthill’s Chief People Officer, the Delivery Manager, Allane’s Head of Recruitment, and the product owners, the Bica consultant aligned the recruitment strategy to discover the right talent that fits the technical and cultural requirements of the client.

Building a Resonant Employer Brand and Forging Ahead

After several months of working with Allane and Anthill, the RPO Consultant from Bica identified a gap in the market awareness regarding Allane’s accomplishments and potential as an employer.

To bridge this gap, the Bica team started several initiatives aimed at boosting Allane’s presence in the Bulgarian IT market. One of the activities was the conceptualization and execution of “Java Beers”, an event targeted at professionals in the sector.

Furthermore, the RPO consultant designed interview toolkits that outline what candidates could expect during the process, offering a transparent and engaging experience.

Looking ahead, the collaboration harbors ambitious plans to further expand its presence in Bulgaria. A significant part of this strategy involves establishing more teams in the region, a move aimed at leveraging the rich talent pool available in Bulgaria. The goal is to build teams that not only align with the technical requirements but also resonate with the cultural ethos of Allane, fostering a work environment that encourages growth and innovation.

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