What do employees want in 2023?

The past year has witnessed a great deal of change and uncertainty, including changes in return-to-the-office policies. However, as 2023 unravels, companies will still face significant challenges, such as highly competitive markets, and the responsibility to control and adjust costs according to the upcoming economic downturn and recession. At Bica we helped hundreds of professionals to find their new workplace, and today we want to highlight some of the most important requirements employees have for companies in 2023. Employers who can effectively address these issues will be well-positioned to attract and retain top talent.

What is more, according to a Job Tiger report, the number of open positions has increased in 2022 compared to 2021, indicating that the job market is becoming more competitive. As a result, employees may be more selective in their job search, looking for positions that offer long-term growth and development opportunities.

What do employees want?

According to an article published by Seek, for employees finding the right balance between work and social life has become of great importance. Therefore, decision-driving criteria for choosing the right job would be flexibility in when and where to work.  

In 2023, employees might prioritize the opportunity to integrate modern technologies such as Cloud-based computing, AI, and machine learning. The working environment in 2023 is projected to increase the demand for technology even more, making technological literacy crucial.

Moreover, Bica experts have noted that employees in the IT sector prefer to endeavor in projects and products that have a positive impact on people’s lives. The idea is to work on innovative and impactful tasks that help a lot of people.

Also, employees in the IT industry may favor working for a company, which is supportive and inclusive. Working in a supportive work environment can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction and engagement. When employees feel that they are valued and respected, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job and be more engaged in their work. 

When it comes to improving employees’ well-being, according to Harvard Business Review, the leading companies in 2023 are on their way to establishing a set of guidelines, known as an employee data bill of rights, to support employees’ need for clear boundaries.

Another trend that we note as crucial in 2023 is the development opportunities. Working for companies that offer training programs that allow employees to learn new skills and advance in their careers would be of great importance. For the employees, working for companies that are future-oriented is important as this can help them stay competitive in the job market, learn new skills, and adapt to changes brought by automation. 

Which factors make an employee change his/hers job?

With the recent layoffs on a global scale and the unpleasant economic situation, many employees are feeling anxious about their job security. The widespread news about the upcoming recession is also contributing to this uncertainty. Employees may be worried about the potential for further layoffs, pay cuts, and other negative impacts on their employment. This can lead to a sense of insecurity and unease among employees, which can negatively impact their job satisfaction and engagement. Open and honest communication about any potential changes to employment conditions is a way to build trust and engagement among employees and minimize the risk of a job change.

Another important factor that can make an employee consider changing their job is struggling to find the right work-life balance. Many employees today are looking for a better balance between their professional and personal lives. Professionals want more flexibility in terms of when and where they work, as well as more control over the demands of their job. The juggling between work and personal life is considered a drive for finding a job that aligns better with an employee’s needs and priorities.

Companies must create a supportive company culture and help employees keep a good balance between personal life and work. As this can help workers be consistent and find what they are passionate about in their work.

With the unpredictable economic conditions that the contemporary world witnesses, employees in 2023 are looking for positions offering long-term growth and development opportunities, and a flexible work environment. If you want to find the right position for you, check out our website and take the next step in your career.

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